amazon-goodreadsToday, Kyla and Vince’s marriage reached hit rock bottom. Their marriage had survived her career obsession, her aversion to having children and a car accident that almost took her husband Vince’s life. But today was worse than all of that combined. Her biggest fear had become a reality when she walked into their bedroom and saw those letters and those photos covering their bed. Kyla stood there holding her daughter, Melanie, tightly as tears rolled silently down her cheeks onto Melanie’s dark curly locks. Her heart had been ripped out of her chest and trampled on. She walked over to Vince, sitting in the chair breathing so heavily that she became afraid. He sat with his face in the palms of his hands refusing to look up at her. As her heart raced, she placed Melanie onto the floor and slowly got down on her knees in front of him. Kyla placed her arms around him and tried to lift his face up but he was solidly resistant. Despite his resistance, she proceeded to talk to him, in a calm but pleading voice hoping that he would see her as his wife.

“Baby, please let me explain” Kyla whispered through tears.

He pushed her arms away roughly and spoke through clenched teeth, “What is there to explain? These letters and pictures have told me everything that I need to know about what you have been up to in this marriage.”

“I know it looks like I wasn’t faithful to you, but I was, you have to believe me.”

“You call going to Vegas and having sex with another man being faithful! You call getting pregnant by this man and inviting him to our wedding being faithful. Why the hell did we even get married? Did you ever love me or was this all just a game to you because I was your safe choice?” Vince quizzed angrily.

“Yes we were in Vegas together, but that was before we were married. I wasn’t trying to be unfaithful but it just happened.”

“Before we were married, huh? That’s your story? We were engaged and planning to be married. Cheating and getting pregnant doesn’t just happen so kill that bullshit.”

“Okay, I know it sounds like that from the letters but that is not what happened. No, I wasn’t honest with you about who he was at the wedding but it wasn’t the right time to talk about it. He came there on his own and I was just as shocked to see him as you were.”

“Well, when was the right time? Oh, I know, NEVER. You were just going to let me go through life thinking that Melanie was my daughter while you kept fucking with her real father and bringing home more illegitimate babies to me because I was the fool to fall for your shit.”

“He is not Melanie’s father, YOU ARE and I never slept with him after we were in Vegas. The pregnancy he referred to was when I was a teenager!” Kyla exclaimed.

Things were escalating and if they didn’t find a way to bring it back, Kyla felt it could get out of control and, for the first time ever, even physical. The tension in the room was thick. Vince was filled with rage. And Kyla was remorseful but coming across as defensive.

“You expect me to believe that shit, with all of the lies you’ve been telling! So you lied to me about ever being pregnant in the doctor’s office with a straight face. What was the point of that lie if you were a teenager? You know what, don’t bother explaining it because I won’t believe it anyway. What I do know is that this dude is not still sitting around professing his deep love for you if it’s not being reciprocated in some way.”

“It’s true. I don’t love him and we’ve been over for years. Our history is complicated and I didn’t think you would understand it so I never talked about him. All that is important is that I made my choice and I chose you.”

“I’m glad to hear that you chose me but what’s fucked up is that I had to be a part of a “choice” after I put a ring on your finger and you said yes. Now, I understand why you were dragging your feet to get married in the first place. A wedding would just complicate things for the two of you,” Vince said as he stood up.

Kyla stood up and began to stare into space. Vince was absolutely right about her rationale for delaying the wedding. Hell, Vince was right about a lot and she was running out of excuses and pleas. He went inside of the closet and came out with a jacket and grabbed for his keys and wallet on the nightstand.

“Where are you going? We’re not done,” Kyla questioned.

“Oh, I’m done with this conversation and you, so be gone when I get back,” Vince said matter-of-factly.

“Where am I supposed to go?”

“That’s not my concern. Maybe you can go to your boyfriend’s house. I’m sure he’ll be there with open arms,” Vince said on his way down the staircase.

Kyla followed him to the top of the stairs and yelled as he went down, “Vince…don’t do this, I love you!”

Vince yelled back up at her, “No you don’t and I want a DNA test,” as he walked out and slammed the door.

Kyla’s whole world shattered when that door slammed and now she was left there to pick up the pieces. She had too many things to consider. What was she going to do? Where was she going to go? Should she stay here and fight for her marriage or just leave? She knew that he was too angry for them to even have a rational conversation so she gathered her things to give him some space. She packed a bag for herself and the baby who had been crawling around the room while they argued—completely oblivious to how the world was changing. As Kyla threw things into the bag, she decided it wasn’t going to end like this. She would fight for her marriage. She would make him see that, although she made a terrible mistake when they were engaged, he should forgive her. Still, she needed to talk to someone to process all of this. She grabbed her bags, put Melanie in the car and backed out of the driveway. Just then, the thunder and lightning started. With each crash of thunder, she felt a punch in her chest; each lightning bolt felt like a pierce through her heart.

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