I3D-book-promo want to dedicate my first novel to all of you that have been following my blog since I started writing.  Completing this novel has been one of the best experiences of my life and not because I feel good about the content, but because I’ve accomplished a goal that I set for myself.  This novel was a labor of love and not just for me but for my followers as well.  I thank you all for your support from the bottom of my heart!  “Two of Hearts” is a complicated love story that really explores how secrets and lies can be detrimental to any relationship.  The story follows KYLA CARTER, a successful entertainment attorney who is newly engaged to the man of her dreams. VINCENT PRESTON is a successful financial analyst and romantic at heart who spares no expense to show Kyla his love and dedication. Things are seemingly perfect between them until the day that SALVATORE ROCCO reappears. Salvatore reminds Kyla that she can’t escape her past, no matter how hard she tries. He was her first love and they share a long history and an unbreakable bond. Although Kyla has blocked him from her memory and moved on, he is determined to win her back. Salvatore’s re-emergence opens up a pandora’s box containing secrets and lies that could be hard to close. Kyla is faced with a difficult decision before her wedding day. Should she come clean to her fiancé about her haunting secrets and risk losing him or should she keep them all buried away for good and go on with her plans to become Mrs. Preston? Does Salvatore deserve another chance? Will her secrets and lies cost her everything? If Salvatore has anything to do with it, there will be no wedding. What Salvatore wants, Salvatore usually gets but will Kyla give it to him this time? Two of Hearts twists and turns to the very end as Kyla tries to decide which heart she must choose.

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